For most of these children you are their first opportunity at an education. We have been blessed to have been able to enroll all school aged children in the home, as well as many that are within our community. That is why this specific sponsorship is so vital, this allows the children to continue to go to school, pay for meals while at school and it pays for the materials needed for school. We l can always use gently used book bags.


We now have a new reservoir that was just completed at the beginning of this year. Now we need to gain access to a water filtration system. In Pestel there is no access to clean running water. Most of the water is caught rain water that is purified through a bleaching process or water tablets.


Every Year we a special project that starts DEC 1st called "SHARE THE JOY" and we pray that it will be successful as it has been in years past. We are looking forward to your support in helping the kids have a Christmas day of fun. This will be the time of year that everyone get a few needed things such as shoes and clothes as well as a few wants such as toys, soccer balls and dolls.


The last medical clinic conducted was in August of 2021 due to the Earthquake. A team of two went out to assess the damage in the Pestel area and were able to host a 2.5 day clinic, in remote areas.

Much Love and Many Prayers


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