Children's Home of Pestel

Haiti. Wild. Beautiful. and Resilient. Just like our children's home. The Children's Home of Pestel is located in Pestel, Haiti and was opened at the end of June 2017. The seaside fishing town is quite unique and has a wonderful charm to it. The Children's home is located about fifteen minutes walking distance from the downtown seaside area of Pestel. On Sundays after church the children walk to the downtown area for a much needed play time and visitation with the locals. Monday- Friday most of the children attend school. There are 16 children. Their ages range from almost a year old to 13 years. We have accomplished many things over the last three and half months however there is still so much to accomplish. In the beginning there were 12 children, we have acquired in the past few months, 4 new children. We have a director, Amos Marcelin and few staff members who help with all of the children and meeting their immediate needs. Throughout our blogging we will walk you through the beginning and how it all got started. The Children's home is a home for children who are vulnerable and in great need of their basic needs being met. Food, clothing, education and love are what we offer at the children's home in Pestel. With your help we can provide them with awesome opportunities they would have never had. Thank you for following our journey, if you have any questions please email us at We value your sponsorship and hope that you will continue to keep us in your prayers as we seek only to do God's will and to continue on this journey in his name.

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