Ongoing School Sponsorship


We have 16 children that are currently attending the Children's Home of Pestel. Our current projects include:


  • Full Sponsorships for all 16 children

  • Meeting the basic needs of all 16 children with those sponsorships



Short Term Projects

  1. Filtration System for Guest House

  2. Boat Motor

  3. Garden


Description of Projects

  • Providing safe and sustainable water in Pestel is a must. We will be looking into a water filtration system this month for our guest house. 

  • We have recently purchased a new to us fiberglass boat and now we need a motor. A motor would/could change the way we do so many things. From day to day transport to emergency medical needs for our section of the island. 

  • Planting season is underway, there are 2 planting seasons a year in Haiti.